10 Google fonts for creative projects

fonts for creative projects

If you haven’t heard of google fonts where have you been? Hundreds of open source fonts available to download for free. If you want to see the full range click here. We have narrowed down our favorite 10 google fonts for creative projects, so you don’t have to spend a month trawling through the list.

Why are fonts important?

Fonts say so much subliminally. I know that sounds odd, but there is so much stylist choice in the simple curve of a letter, the way it sits in relation to others, the quality of the line and the flow of the form, all create a different feel. Rounded fonts tend toward children’s fonts while serifs indicate tradition and formality. As soon as you look at a business’s choice of font you make an instant judgment about that business.

Fonts really are the designers best friend. I love them but so often they are overlooked. Email clients allow for maybe 5 variants in font and basic word processors offer a few. If you are undertaking a creative project, you may want to give Times New Roman a skip and come on down to flavour town with these juicy little jems…

10 Google fonts for creative projects


Bangers is an italic font by default. In a comic book style, it has a hand drawn quality and is perfect for clarity and accenting text. Its bold cap’s letters have the feel of a blocky sharpie about them. A fun modern theme great for an outdoorsy feel, like the letters have been carved in wood.



Monoton is a great timeless theme. With a strong art-deco feel, this font used in the right way oozes sophistication. You would not want it as a regular typeface but as a accent, or text logo in a minimal setting, your brand defined classic and strong. It has an uncompromising harshness about it, like bauhaus furniture; simple utilitarian classic design.

Cabin Sketch


Cabin Sketch would make a fantastic font for creative writers. Its playful nature and un-uniform colouring makes it appear hand drawn, as you might find in a diary, or in a gothic novel.

Fredericka the Great


Fredericka The Great is another hand drawn font, this time with serifs. Instantly a more up market font, ideal logo text for an architect or tailor/dressmaker. The more classic feel of this font certainly lends itself to a formal or traditional setting like a wedding but keeps a bespoke hand crafted feel. This combination makes me think of classic childrens books like alice in wonderland.

Bungee Inline


A very modern font, Bungee Inline is crisp and stylish, whilst retaining a bold accent. Taking classic 70’s font design and dragging it into the 21st Century, is a sure fire way to create a timeless font. With its modern bold lines this strong font would be ideal for IT, communications and more technical projects or even sports.



Megrim is a very clean minimal font. Taking inspiration from Cuneiform script, the worlds oldest written text, the gaps have been closed to create triangle shapes. The design of the font makes it very light and modern although more futuristic than contemporary.

Londrina Shadow


Londrina Shadow is one of those artsy fonts, a bold font but with a minimal feel. The hand drawn clean lines create shadowed bold text. Perfect for coffee table book covers, and all manor of arty happoings. Its modern, clean and well proportioned. A definite favorite on our list of 10 Google fonts for creative projects.

Londrina Sketch


Londrina Sketch is a variant on the previous font. This time we have dropped the shadow and the line is not as clean. Almost a hand drawn font, this bold locky bruser of a font would look great in most environments. The absence of serifs make it very versatile and easy to drop in to any project.



Barrio is the bridge between conventional and ‘wacky’ fonts. It combines hand drawn fine lines with very thick blocks, but it ers on the side of caution. It gives you enough to deliver the look, but keeps its readability. Great for a project with kids, This font is fun but doesn’t take liberties.

Love Ya Like A Sister


Love Ya Like A Sister is based on handwriting of teanagers, but with a classic serif edge. This combination delivers a great font which, while playful is smart and very readable.

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