What is brand identity design?

What is brand identity design?

What is brand identity design? and how is it different from say, a logo? These are two questions I get asked a lot. Its also something that people are missing out on. So often I get asked to simply design a logo, but to what end? What does a logo say about you and your business? Well quite honestly not a great deal. It is however this that people struggle with, and here is why:

Its not a logo

A logo is like a signature or stamp. And like a stamp or signature, It does not really represent a great deal. If I was to write my signature on a piece of paper you would get very little value from it beyond knowing my name (if you could read it). If Paul McCartney  wrote his signature on an identical piece of paper, most people would draw value. Why? Because of the Paul McCartney brand identity.

You cant simply design a logo and expect it to resonate with society and consumers at large, you’ve got to go through the process of recording albums which resonate and build association, emotional connection and identity with your audience (Metaphorically speaking). You need to get out there, design and build a brand.

How can I go about brand identity design?

Every business will arrive at their brand in their own way. Its not something that can or should be rushed, and can take years. Guinness are a good example of this. They are using adverts and products today that were being used as marketing tools. Motifs like the Toucan which were thought up nearly 100 years ago are so entrenched in our collective consciousness, that the band has evolved along side these old identities. You can still buy Guinness T-shirts today with the toucan on.

The logo has become, almost irrelevant, compared to the distinctive black pint glass with the white head. This heritage, along with the association with Dublin and the identity of the Irish and tradition of pub culture, support of international rugby and sponsoring the 6 nations all ties together to create a strong brand identity.


So what is brand identity design? the heritage, association, emotional connection, shared experience, perceived values, identity and relationships. All of which can be planned designed and created over time. It is not a single advertising campaign, or image, but a collection of experiences and researched strategies which together build a brand.

If this is something you are interested in for your business, why not get in touch.