Cadbury have a new logo, and surprisingly I think its good.

Cadbury have a new logo – not something that would normally proceed and Its good, however, they have, and it is!

What is Cadbury?

As if you didn’t know, but presumably there must be someone out there who doesn’t know what Cadbury is a chocolate manufacturer. Started by John and Benjamin Cadbury (known as the Cadbury Brothers) introducing the world to the Cadbury Chocolate bar in back in 1849. In 1878, they moved their factory to the Bournbrook estate (later renamed as Bonville) in Birmingham. This small family firm has gone on to become the second largest confectionery brand in the world, surpassed only by Mars, the US giant.

Cadbury have a new logo, and this is it…

If there is one thing synonymous to milk chocolate, it’s that gold writing on a that deep purple wrapper. The old logo and new logo are comparable below.


Thoughts on Cadbury’s New Logo

Its great. It is based on the original Cadbury signature, its thinner than the old logo, more refined. I like the logo being on the level. Tilted logos scream of word-art from the early 00’s so bringing it back level is a good move. The most noticeable change is the detailing on the ‘b’ which adds a more handwritten feel to the logo which again underlines the heritage and origin of the mark.  The colouring is slightly subtler with the light and dark gold given more room to transition softly on the horizontal rather than the vertical. The overall iconic colouring however remains (as it should) The lighter (in weight, width) lettering makes the style of the logo more high end compared to the thicker original, think Lindt or any other Swiss brands.

Cadbury have a new logo: Conclusion

Refreshing a logo is a difficult thing to do well. Especially one so ingrained in our common consciousness. That’s why the likes of Coca Cola never change their logo. But this rendering of the classic Cadbury logo is an excellent example of a job well done, a brand defining, iconic mark tweaked in all the right ways, with full acceptance of the heritage behind the brand.