Brave Design

Our Mission.

To foster unrestricted creativity and use it as a force for good in the world, to be the catalyst for positive change and realise the ambitions of like-minded people.


Brand Strategy. Visual Identity. Advertising. Website. Digital. Ecommerce. Content Creation. Publications. Packaging. Brand Creation. Copywriting. Video. Photography. +

Our Why.

Passion. integrity. Intrigue. Excitement.

4 things we care about.

1. Environment

Our systems, suppliers, and servers are carbon neutral, and we support national rewilding projects.

2. Customer Service

We always handle our clients personally and will never implement a ticketing system.

3. Neurodiversity

Creativity is diverse perspectives collaborating, and we actively seek freethinkers.

4. Difference

Challenging norms and established processes got us here.

4 things we don't do.

1. Unethical work

We only work with integrity-led brands.

2. Quote without Scoping

A quote without a strategic scope of work is meaningless.

3. Discount

Discounting only reduces quality.

4. Unpaid work

Our bespoke creative solutions are both valuable and time-consuming.

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