Using Design for Good

Yazaroo is a creative design agency based in Surrey, UK.

Use Design for Good: Giving Back

Founded in 2015 by Ed Schofield with support from the Prince’s Trust, Yazaroo provides creative design solutions for business, specialising in web design and brand design. As a way of saying thank you to the Prince’s Trust for their support in getting started, we now provide digital marketing workshops to young people just starting out.

Use Design for Good: Eco

At Yazaroo all of our internal systems are carbon-neutral, our web servers are powered by 100% renewable energy and wherever possible our marketing collateral is carbon offset and/or recycled because this is one of the most important changes we all need to make.

Use Design for Good: For the many

We believe passionately that great design can save the world. To that end, Yazaroo is working with a charity providing free design services. This charity is Topic of Cancer (ToC). A charity raising money for the research into immunotherapy cancer treatments. Although based in Guildford, the research has global implications. Unlike larger charities, 99% of all money raised goes direct to the research, not wasted on salaries or fancy offices. In January Ed became a trustee of ToC, so look out for some cool things to come over the next few months and years.

A few Shoutouts

Richard Harding – My amazing Prince’s Trust mentor, without who, I would not be where I am, and for naming me a “disruptive creator of brands”.

Kirsty Filewood – My personal Spell-checker and idea bouncer

Aidan Smith – the first person I ever hired – built my first expo stand out of steal.

Ed Schofield
Ed Schofield, Designer