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Continuity is important. You don't want to change a logo design after you've started trading so getting it right at the start is essential.

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Logo Design Stages


Working with you; we research your target market, industry norms and your businesses unique values to build a concept.


Based on the concept we start the design process; we take all elements of the logo directly from this concept ensuring the final product is both relevant and beautifully designed.


We take the newly designed logo and create variations; variants in size, shape, colour or style we help to equip you with all possibly visual expressions of your logo which can be applied to any format or situation.

Logo Design Example: Yazaroo

logo design

Yaza: To sit and clear your mind of clutter before meditating

Roo: Kangaroos are a symbol of strength and success.

Pink (colour): Creativity

White (colour): Clarity/light

Yazaroo becomes a beacon of thoughtful creative success and light in the darkness. 


A sitting (yaza) Kangaroo must be central to the design. Minimal to avoid distraction from the text. Pink in colour to convey creativity.

The font of the text is San Serif - a modern clean typeface, but bold for balance against the kangaroo.

Layering the Kangaroo through the letters avoids the cliche of the image above the text, but in doing so also adds depth to the image.

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