Surrey’s Premiere Heritage Paint Merchant.


To create an e-commerce website for the sale of paint, as well as print adverts to promote the website. This is a website consisting over 500 products all with variating sizes, finishes, prices and delivery options.

“Facing the minefield that is, “trying to choose the best value for money website build” I was lucky enough to meet Ed from Yazaroo. He explained the process clearly, listened and integrated my thoughts and worked closely with me every step of the way. I am thrilled with the resulting site and would highly recommend his work.”

Robin Walters – Ashley & Lewis

What We did

We built a complete e-commerce solution. The website not only lists the paint, with all the variants of colour, size, finish but also calibrates delivery based on location and how much you ordered, keeps track of inventory and is responsive to device type, currency and more. The resulting site is a juggernaut of paint selling, surpassing that of Farrow and Ball’s online solution.

View Website Here

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