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カニの家 Kani no ie

(The House of the Crab)



Hinata (Best Warmth) was a painter who fell on hard times. He could not make enough money to eat. One night he snuck into the Emperor’s palace garden to steal Kabocha (pumpkin). He was caught and the furious Emperor as sentenced him to death.



Hinata begged for his life and the Emperor took pity. As punishment, the Emperor banished him to 'Hi to kōri no shima' (the Island of Fire and Ice) a small distant island which during the day was blisteringly hot and at night was freezing cold.

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After 2 weeks on the island without sleep, Hinata noticed two monkeys fighting over a Kani (crab). Thinking he could himself eat the Kani, he chased off the two monkeys. Kani begged Hinata not to eat him, promising one wish in return. Hinata thought for a minute and asked Kani to make him something that will keep him cool in the blistering heat and warm in the icy cold. Kani agreed and built a house for Hinata.

Clous and Sun


The days ticked by and Hinata rejoiced in his new house; after many moons Kani returned to Hinata, where he found him painting and enjoying the sunshine within his house. Hinata welcomed Kani and they both sat side by side in the house of Kani; a house of creativity, purpose and calm.

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